Worldwide Delivery! New Kneading Blade for Toastmaster MODEL # 1195 Vertical 2.0-Lb Loaf Capacity Automatic Bread & Butter Maker Replacement Part Breadmaker Dough Mixing Paddle [Kneader/Yeast Bundle]

Price: $14.49
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Manufacturer Description

New aftermarket kneader attachment made of durable PFOA-free nonstick-coated die-cast aluminum alloy for use with the TOASTMASTER 2-Pound Loaf Capacity Automatic Bread and Butter Maker MODEL # 1195 by Applica Consumer Products dba Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc. Bundled offer includes fresh sachet of active dry yeast. Products received may differ from image displayed. All dealers, resellers and dropshippers welcome. While supplies last. Trackable USPS package DISPATCHED WORLDWIDE within 24 hours of purchase TO ANY DESTINATION including government, military, place of employment, post office box and mail forwarding service addresses. Delivery to USA is FREE, to Canada add USD $9.59 to Mexico add USD $11.03 and to Worldwide add USD $13.83. The recommended model information to use when shopping for breadmaker parts online (disregarding date codes, serial numbers and model names) should include both the BRAND NAME and the MODEL NUMBER plus any additional article, catalog, item, lot, reference, style, series, sku or type number... all combined and conveniently located on the OUTER SURFACE of your machine as an adhesive decal or as a tooled impression at either the front, side, backside or bottom. We are Breadmaker Part Store - Replacement Parts, Owner's Manuals, Sound Advice - Since 2002.

Product Features

Aftermarket Version Made of Durable PFOA-Free Nonstick-Coated Die-Cast Aluminum Alloy - Products Received May Differ From Image Displayed - Bundled Offer Includes Fresh Sachet of Active Dry Yeast - All Dealers, Resellers & Dropshippers Welcome - Limit 2 Per Order - While Supplies Last - Trackable USPS Package DISPATCHED WORLDWIDE TO ANY DESTINATION Including Government, Military, Place of Employment, Post Office Box & Mail Forwarding Service Addresses. Common search words for this item include accessories accessory actuator apparatus appendage arbor arm armature attachment auger automatic axis bar basher bashing bat baton batter batting beater beating bit blade blend blender blending bread breadmaker cane capacity chuck chucker chucking churn churner churning club clubber clubbing collapsible collapsing component connector contraption contrivance crank cranker cranking deluxe device digital dispense dispenser dough electric electronic... ... equipment feather fin finger firkin fishing flange flapper fling flinger flinging flip flipper fork form former forming free gadget gaff gizmo hammer hand hardware hit hitter hitting hook hooker household impeller implement key kick kicker kicking kitchen kitchenware knead kneader kneading kneed kneeder kneeding knife knob knock knocker knocking lb lbs limb machine maker making mash masher mashing mechanism member mixer mixing oar paddle paddler paddling peg peice piece pivot pound pounder... ... pounding programmable prong prop propeller punch puncher punching push pusher pushing rake raker raking reliquary removable remplacement replacement rocking rotary rotate rotating rotator screw scuttle shaper shaping shovel shoveler shoveling skew skewer slapper slapping slinger slinging smash smasher smashing spank spanker spanking spatula spindle spinner spinning staff stamper stamping stem stick stir stirrer stirring strike striker striking stroke stroker stroking switch tackle thang... ... thing thingamajig thingy thump thumper thumping tool tosser tossing turn turner turning twister twisting utensil wallop walloper walloping wand washer wedge whacker whacking whatnot whatsit whip whipper whipping whisk whisker whisking widget & wing.

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