SuperGreen IR20 POU Infrared Electric Tankless Water Heater. 110V/2.4 KW/20 Amps.

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Manufacturer Description

The model ir-20 point of use water heater is a portable electric tankless water heater that utilizes the latest technology in quartz infrared heating elements to provide instant and continuous hot water using regular 110vac household voltage. This convenient device is perfect for locations where you need to heat water from a single source: a workshop sink, new bathroom addition, cabin or camper, small apartment or studio, or any other location that does not currently provide hot water. Conventional water heaters take up a large amount of space, and they incorporate metal heating elements that corrode and wear out inside of the tank. This can lead to corroded metal parts, contaminated water, and early system breakdown. An infrared tankless point of use water heater has a much different design, applying quartz infrared heating elements that are not exposed to the corrosive effects of a tanks water. This means greater efficiency and longer life of the unit. This portable point of use water heater can be used anywhere you have access to a water supply and electricity. It energizes your hot water heater with infrared energy to heat and condition your water. Since the heating elements do not corrode in a tank, this design helps to minimize bacteria and algae while breaking down hard water deposits. It also features self-cleaning and maintenance free operations, so you have instant access to the hot water you need, without the headaches of traditional designs. The added efficiency and durability of this unit can mean up to 60% savings in energy costs and up to twenty years of service before a replacement is needed, depending upon patterns of use.

Start Up:
1) Before start up, check that all connections are secure and fittings are tight.
2) Make sure that the heating mode button is in the “OFF” position.
3) Open the gate valve at the incoming water point of the unit and verify no leaks.
4) Open faucet above and allow water to run for 1 minute or until all air is purged from the system.
5) With the water running, use the lower heating mode button to turn on the unit. The water begins to heat and the current temperature is shown in the display.
6) Choose a desirable temperature by pressing the mode buttons until you have a comfortable water temperature.
7) Turn off water and unit is set.
Remember: Water temperature depends on water flow, the more water flow, the lower the temperature and vise versa.

Unit Freezing:
In case of frozen water in the unit, Please wait until the complete defrosting of the water before using.
Activating unit while still frozen will damage the heater internal components.

This unit requires no maintenance.
To extend unit service life, it is recommended to use an inlet filter, check and clean it periodically.

Product Features

The model IR20 can be able to handle HAND WASH APPLICATION ONLY where warm climate or incoming water is warm. The max heating temperature rise depends on the incoming water, during summer season they have difference incoming water temperature vs winter time. (See technical specifications for more information) No metallic, no corrosion, no calcium deposits, no maintenance, zero NOx. 99% thermal energy efficiency Save 40% more than tank water heater, 12% more efficient than existence electric tankless water heaters in the market Uses lower amperage, maintains higher water flow capacity, can be integrated into various applications and provides maintenance free operation. Quartz heating elements are long lasting's and more durable, recycled & eco-friendly

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