Rustic 210 Pack Disposable Wooden Cutlery Set 6.5" with 10 Wheat Straw Plates | 3 x Stronger than Plastic Cutlery | 100% Earth Friendly | No More Doing Dishes! | Biodegradable Party Utensils

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? ARE THEY GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT?: Made of 100% Smooth Birch Wood, Non Toxic: no plastics or harmful chemicals were used in the manufacture of our cutlery. They can be thrown directly into the campfire, compost heap or even landfill as unlike plastic cutlery they will release back to earth completely in no more than 80 days..

? WILL THEY BREAK ON TOUGH FOODS?: 2mm thick width means that whether you are serving salads or steak our strong durable splinter free cutlery can handle it.

? WHY CHOOSE WOODEN CUTLERY?: This wooden cutlery is totally biodegradable and environmentally safe. Be a role model at your next child's birthday party to adults and children alike by showing your guests that there is a zero waste alternative to plastic cutlery that looks great!

? WHAT EVENTS CAN THEY BE USED AT?: The cutlery can be used for any event. Each piece is made of premium birch wood, so it's strong enough for weddings, holiday picnics, kids' parties, baby showers, wedding receptions, company luncheons, bbq, camping - whatever special occasion you are hosting.

? ARE THEY GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY?: Get the most out of your purchase with Natural EcoWare wooden disposable cutlery: 210 pieces per unit will last you through several seasons and many fun occasions. We've also added 10 x Bagasse (Sugarcane) plates that you can use for canapes and cakes.

What is included in each pack?
• 70 x 6.5" Forks
• 70 x 6.5" Knives
• 70 x 6.5" Spoons
• 10 x 6" Bagasse (Sugarcane) dessert plates

This deluxe wooden cutlery set provides hassle free fun for all of the family. They will bring life to your next occasion and many occasions to come.

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Product Features

? 3 x STRONGER THAN PLASTIC CUTLERY - Famous for being able to pierce a raw carrot or cut through steak, our compostable wooden silverware have strong sturdy tines that stand up to all types of food. In comparison, flimsy plastic cutlery would break and cause frustration to you and your guests. As well as being durable our Birchwood knives forks and spoons bring a rustic theme to any event and will bring a sense of premium that you wont get with other brands or plastic alternatives. ? FREE 10 x 6" BAGASSE SUGARCANE PLATES INCLUDED - The number one selling paper plate alternative that is 100% chemical free comes with each pack. These plates are made from made from Bagasse, a by-product of sugarcane processing and are 100% biodegradable. (FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME) HURRY, Click the ADD TO CART Button Now! ? WASHING UP "NOT" INCLUDED :) - Gone are the days of leaving your guests while you do the dishes or tidy up, why miss out on all the fun? Simply throw the cutlery into the compost heap or campfire and get on with entertaining. They will add an earthy rustic touch to your next baby shower, birthday party, wedding, bbq or picnic. ? WON'T BE IN A LANDFILL FOR 1000 YEARS - Our Birchwood utensils are manufactured from sustainable wood sources. Perfect for a wide range of catering events or parties. They are home Compostable, 100% Natural, Biodegradable and are an affordable alternative to plastic cutlery which can take thousands of years to decompose! Our cutlery will go back to the earth in 80 days :) ? 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : if something breaks we'll take full responsibility. The risk is on US when you can get a refund, no questions asked. Simply buying from us automatically enrolls you in our Customer Coverage Program! Natural EcoWare is the only authorized seller.

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