KP Solutions 2 Pack Grilling Stone Cleaner 100% Ecological Odorless Griddle Cleaner Handheld Non Slip Grip De-Scaling BBQ Block Construction | Removes Encrusted Greases, Stains, Residues, Dirt & More

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Manufacturer Description

The Super Green, Super Clean BBQ Stone Cleaner!

You care about the quality of food you feed your family. But if you aren't paying attention to your BBQ grill cleaner, you and your family could be ingesting toxic chemicals without even knowing it. Enter the KP Solutions' griddle stone grill cleaner! Unlike poorly made grill brushes and cleaning sprays, this griddle cleaning brick is odor-free and chemical-free, keeping your steaks safe to serve all summer long!

Spike-Free Safety!

Tired of stray bristles ending up in your burgers? The KP Solutions grill brush bristle free design won't drop a thing, protecting your meal and your mouth from loose metal bristles!

Versatile Design!

Need to clean your oven? No problem! Use your griddle cleaning brick anywhere from iron surfaces to kitchen griddles! Plus, there's no need for cleaning sprays. Simply put your griddle stone on the surface you want to clean, move your griddle scraper in vertical strokes, and watch as your dirty surface disappears!

Ultra-Strong Grill Stone!

KP Solutions' grill stone cleaning block is designed to be incredibly durable! Crafted from chemical-free descaling material, your grill stones stay strong under pressure to help you get your grill looking as good as new!

The Simple Solution!

Standard grill bricks and griddle accessories are a pain to use. That's why KP Solutions' griddle brick has a non-slip grip. Clean your grill with ease, without straining your wrists. Now you can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing!

Satisfaction Guaranteed.

At KP Solutions, we want to keep you grilling and grinning for many summers to come. So if your grill cleaning brick ever stops putting a smile on your face, let us know and we'll refund your money.

Choose the griddle cleaner that gets the job done! Add a KP Solutions grill brush bristle free brick to your cart TODAY!

Product Features

GRAB our 30% AUTOMATIC DISCOUNT on Checkout!! THE ULTIMATE GRILL BLOCK CLEANER SET: If you are looking for effective and easy ways to clean your griller or BBQ in a natural way, then we got you covered. We have the perfect nontoxic product that will facilitate the cleaning to the fullest. Enjoy now endless BBQ gatherings with friends and family without worrying about the scrubbing nightmare afterwards! DURABLE DE-SCALING CONSTRUCTION CLEANING STONE: Forget all about poorly made cleaning bristles and chemical sprays and keep your griller spotless with our resilient stones. Our set of cleaning blocks has durable de-scaling construction so as to enhance the cleaning process without straining your hands or wrists. ERGONOMIC HANDHELD NONSLIP GRIP BRICK: These grill cleaners are designed in such a way so as to be extremely convenient to use. Simply hold one and move your hands up and down over the desired surface that needs cleaning. The nonslip grip will make cleaning feel like a walk in the park without having a handle or spikes getting in the way. MULTIPURPOSE GRILL CLEANER STONES: One of the greatest things about these scouring stones besides being ecological and safe to use, is the fact that they have a multipurpose nature as well. Provide a thorough cleaning on your griller, BBQ, oven griddles, flat top griddles, kitchen utensils, iron surfaces, hard stones or even enamelled surfaces!

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