Gree VIREO 9,000 BTU Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioner w/ Inverter, Heat Pump, Remote & Lineset (208/230V)

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Manufacturer Description

SEER: 23.0000
EER: 14.3000
Room Size: 300 - 500 ft2

System Includes:
Outdoor Condenser: VIR09HP230V1AO.
Indoor Wall Mounted Air Handler: VIR09HP230V1AH.
Wireless Remote Control. 15' Line Set Kit: LS1438FF15W.

Features and benefits include:

Multiple speed fan
I feel mode
IR remote control
Adjustable airflow
Privacy lock mode
Sleep mode
Fahrenheit °F / Celsius °C
high efficiency G-10 inverter technology
Low voltage start-up
Quiet operation
Intelligent defrost
Power failure mode
Intelligent pre-heating
Polymeric air filters
5/7 year limited warranty

Please Note: Mini Split Systems must be installed by a licensed Contractor with an EPA Refrigerant Certification to qualify for warranty.

BTUs needed are as follows: 9,000 BTU 500 sqft | 12,000 BTU 650 sqft | 18,000 BTU 1,000 sqft | 24,000 BTU 1,300 sqft | 30,000 BTU 1,650 sqft | 36,000 BTU 2,000 sqft | 42,000 BTU 2,300 sqft | 48,000 BTU 2,600 sqft | 56,000 BTU 3,100 sqft.

Make sure you install a unit that is going to properly cool your square footage.

Furthermore, the manufacturer warranty is only valid if a licensed professional does the installation. So while it is possible to do the installation yourself, we strongly recommend you hire an HVAC professional in your area. Comes fully backed by a manufacturer's warranty and ComfortUp is an authorized online seller of these systems. Our Customer Care team will provide assistance should you ever need to file a warranty claim with the manufacturer. Please be aware that only systems that are installed by a licensed HVAC contractor are backed by the warranty. Proof of licensed installation is required. The receipt/invoice from your contractor should be sufficient.

Product Features

MINIMALISTIC DESIGN | The Vireo is designed to blend well in any living space. The slim compact cabinet hangs inconspicuous on the wall and mixes well with most interior designs. UNIT DISPLAY | The Vireo wall mounted units have an easy-to-read display and indicator lights, which provide information on room set point, operating mode among other features. The display may be turned off for your convenience. MULTIPLE SPEED FAN | The indoor fan can operate at different speeds, up to four (low, medium, high or turbo) for COOLING or HEATING mode, optimizing maximum comfort and quiet operation. CONTROL CENTER | The Vireo comes with a multi-functional infrared hand held remote control. It is sleek, easy to use and ergonomically designed with a large LCD display. An optional XK-41 Wired Tether Controller can be mounted to the wall up to 30 feet from the unit. Both provides compete control over operation mode, temperature, fan speed, airflow among other functions. ENERGY SAVINGS MODE | This feature will automatically select the optimal compressor and fan speeds to allow for energy savings while operating in Cooling or Heating modes. The compressor and fan will automatically slow down as the room temperature reaches the set point. QUIET MODE | The Vireo will function at very low noise levels, to achieve this the unit will operate at normal speed for the first ten (10) minutes or until the room set point temperature is reached, then it will operate quietly and a low fan speed. Our G10 inverter technology saves energy, reduces outdoor noise and keeps room temperature steady by eliminating the harsh starts & stops of conventional Systems. I FEEL MODE | This feature allows the unit to sense the room temperature from the remote control which is closest to you, instead of the indoor unit, this means that it will adjusts for airflow and temperature for maximum personal comfort in cooling mode.

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