Fireplace Heaters

Aninfrared heater has a simpler design than its counterparts, but it has a very powerful ability to heat and warm objects without a fire. It also has a highly efficient heating element that produces high temperatures.

Another type of fireplace heater is called an ionizer. They heat objects by a method that can generate high temperatures in a small area, such as the size of a torch flame. Some ionizers even include a built-in fan to enhance their output.

All of these types of fireplace heaters are designed to produce a heat that is much higher than the temperature of the ambient air. If your room has a temperature of fifty degrees, a fireplace heater can be expected to produce forty to fifty degrees. For rooms that are colder, you can expect a much lower temperature.

Some of these models do not come with a thermostat and you will have to manually adjust the settings to create a safe and comfortable environment. You can buy thermostats separately and install them yourself. You can get a thermostat that is wired directly to the heater.

Natural gas and propane heaters are often the best choice because they emit less carbon dioxide than electricity. They are also easier to maintain and replace. While they are more expensive, you should be able to get a heater for your fireplace that meets your needs.