There are two common styles of cooktops; the "portable" style and the "frameless" style. Many manufacturers create both styles for consumers to choose from. As the name implies, "portable cooktops" are small and are attached to a counter top. These cooktops do not use special racks to store food. Instead, the cooktop is carried on the counter and attached to the appliance that it will be used on.
The most popular style is the "frameless" which is very easy to clean and wipe down after use. The frame is not a metal and does not need a metal plate on the outside for attaching food to or a metal lip to keep grills in place.

"Portable cooktops" are small and compact and can fit easily in a drawer, under a sink, or inside a cupboard. These models do not have a built in fan. These models have no supporting rods or racks to hang foods from and need a special rack insert to hang a grill.

Cooktops for lids are very popular for their convenience and usability. Although, cooktops that come with lids may be slightly less expensive, cooktops that do not come with lids tend to be more durable and easier to clean. Cooktops that are available without lids are very useful. If you do purchase a cooktop without a lid, then you can also purchase a hood separately to protect the insert from harmful cleaning chemicals.

There are many accessories such as spacers, scrubbers, flanges, grates, racking, lids, etc. to choose from. The frame is made of aluminum or stainless steel and measures approximately one inch square.

To use a hood, simply slip it over the cooking appliance, and the hood will cover the cooking surface and keep it cool. Cooktops that can come with hoods are not necessarily smaller than those without hoods.

Often new construction cooktops come with a type of griddle insert. These inserts work with the cooking device by heating the food up and burning off excess fat.

You can choose the size of the insert that you need and this can be either round or rectangular, depending on your preference. When using this type of insert, you may need to finish cooking in the insert to get a completely cooked item because the food will already be cooked in the cooking appliance.

If you are planning to use a replacement hood, insert, or grill cover, then a manual will be included with your purchase of your cooking appliance. Each manufacturer's manual will guide you through how to put the accessories together and where to purchase them.

With all the different types of cooktops available today, it will be very easy to find the one that works best for you. Just remember that whatever type of cooktop you decide to purchase, you can rest assured that you will not have to worry about cleaning or maintaining the food that you will be cooking on your cooktop.