GENIANI Ultrasonic Humidifier, 3 Levels Cool Mist with Aroma Box and LED Lights, 2L, with Filter or No Filter

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Manufacturer Description

The Humidifier Of Your Dreams

The GENIANI Humidifier puts moisture and a pleasant aroma back into Your Bedroom, Kitchen, Office or Family Room. Air, which creates a lot of benefits for you and your family.


  • Ultra-Quiet Operation
  • 2 Liter Tank Capacity
  • 15h running per filling full tank
  • 3 Levels of Cool Mist
  • Aroma Oil Box
  • LED Night Light
  • Rotatable Diffuse Nozzle
  • With Water Filter or Filter Free
  • Automatic Shut Off
  • Safety Master Power Switch

    Healthy Air: GENIANI Humidifier could mean the difference between getting the cold, cough, or even flu at any season and remaining Healthy.

    Improved Sleep: If you or a partner snores, a GENIANI may help. We tend to snore more if our sinuses and throats are dry. Sleep with a GENIANI and wake up with a more comfortable nose and throat!

    Better Skin: Dry air saps moisture from your skin, which causes all kinds of problems, including dryness, dullness, flaking, and accelerated aging. Prevent all these damaging effects, and maintain that glowing, vibrant look!

    Optional Water Filter: it comes with water filter. But if you want to use Humidifier without Filter, all you need just screw it off cap.

    Operation: Mist output ranges from 200ml/h to 250ml/h. Working time varies from 8h to 15h. It depends on the Level of Cool Mist from 1 to 3.

    Specification: Model: G-1001, Material: microbial resistant, Noise level: ?25db, Weight: 3 Pounds, Voltage: AC120V 50/60Hz, Wattage: 25W

    Customer Support: We work 24/7, our Support Team is ready to provide you Customer Service at any time.

    100% Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty.

  • Product Features

    MULTI-PURPOSE: Our humidifier can work as Air Purifier, Oil Diffuser, Ionizer and Night Light. Enjoy relaxing after a long, hard day with the lush scents of your favorite essential oils, having enhanced yoga sessions with beautiful scents to elevate you, or simply protecting yourself or your kids from breathing unhealthy air. ADVANCED ULTRA SONIC TECH: advanced technology that essentially uses millions of vibrations to break down water into micro particles. It is ultra quiet, constructed with the highest quality standards possible, so that you won't be bothered by any sort of sound. Feel free to leave it on as you sleep or you work or meditate and the auto-shut off function will take care of the rest! SLEEK & INTUITIVE DESIGN: our unique humidifier sports a very sleek and modern tower design that is bound to look good in every room or office it is placed. This Humidifier provides you with a very intuitive and user friendly interface that will allow you to use it right of the box and start immediately enjoying its benefits. OPTIONAL WATER FILTER for safe, virus and bacteria free air. It comes with the filter, but you can screw it out and use it FILTER FREE. 2L tank for continuous 15 hours of operation on Low mist level, and 8 hours of operation on High mist level. Depending on mist control setting you can maintain the ideal humidity level in your room. A SAFE PURCHASE: We know that you'll simply love the benefits of our Humidifier but we do want you to feel safe in your purchase. We offer you 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our product! It's completely risk-free!

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